Thursday, August 25, 2011

The 4 P's

Product/ Service

-Variety - Themed parties (Sci-fi, Adventure, etc...)

-Quality - Fairly high materials will be used not like super cheapo plastic for everything and such....

-Design - Designs are dependent on the themes

-Package - Will be sold as a package - that customers can choose what they need for their party from an online site (click options) (customizer)

-Brand - Plastic Bag (known for party services and such, from providing drinks to providing food and decorations, games, etc)

Price 260 -(-) +(+)

-Retail 260

-Discount - christmas discounts (certain holiday discounts etc.)

-Bonuses - Memebership (get 20% off on the 4th party)

-Payment Plans (none)

-Credit Terms (we accept, visa, mastercard, nets, American Express, Cash, UOB, DBS)


-Advertising(Flyers or TV advertisements)

-Personal Selling(Asking people for it)

-Sales Promotion(NIL)

-Public Relations(Using the use of previous sellers)

-Sponsorship(From Accepted credit cards)

-Sales Calls(Random telephone numbers)


-Email(Random emailing and previous seller)


-Distribution (Show flats in croded area)

-Delivery (All inclusive)

-Retail Locations (Densly populated area)

-Download (pictures downloadable from the website)

-Logistics ( Manufactored in vietnam and shiped to singapore which is delived to the customered house and set up)